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About Me

Rosendo Tolento is a creative designer based

in Sacramento, Ca.

My focus as a creative designer and thinker is to design in a manner that teaches, informs, and inspires my clients, as well as their audience, of what good design can accomplish. I strive to create design that is simple, intricate, beautiful, and emotionally engaging. By combining research, strategic planning, and creative thinking, I am able to solve every design problem in a unique way that caters to the needs of the client. 


Art and design has always been a big part of my life. As a child it allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn't do so vocally. Without knowing it, I would create a means by which I could connect with others and share ideas that resonated with my peers. 

Today, my passion for art and design continues to grow as I keep evolving my skills and learning new ones. Now a career, I use my passion and diverse skillset to help others tell their story. By bringing my artistic perspective to every project, I help clients develop their brand image or communicate a message in unique visual ways that help them connect to a greater audience. 


I’m a graphic designer and illustrator catering to local brands, businesses, and individuals in the Sacramento area. I also serve a wide range of independent clients remotely. My skills and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Identity Development 

  • Custom Illustration

  • Print & Digital Design

  • Web Design

  • Professional Photography & Editing

During my time off of work I travel, hike, and look for new experiences that will help me grow to be a better designer. I find that I never truly stop working. Each of these activities inspire new ideas and drive me to create even more. 


For any information about availability, cost of services, or hiring me to create a custom design or illustration for your next project, please fill out this form or contact me at:

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