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Brand Development Layout Design Copy Write


City Bound is a quarterly magazine with a mission to help drive and expand culture in the city of Sacramento. The magazine aims to enrich the lives of its community by offering insight into the Sacramento culture and what continues to drive its people. 

For this project I was tasked to design a high-end quarterly magazine promoting culture in the community for a large publication that wanted to reach an audience in the city of Sacramento. The objectives were to develop and present to the client a concept of what the voice of the magazine would be, and then design a copy of the issue with all original content.


With the idea of culture and community at the heart of the concept, the design needed to feel some what artisanal, but also modern and sophisticated for the intended audience. By utilizing various principles of design such as grid, color, negative/positive space, hierarchy, and others I was able to create a system that was fluid enough to adapt to the content of every spread, yet came together cohesively as one voice.

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