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Emperor Brewing Co.

Brand Development & Package Design
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Emperor Brewing Co. was created as a passion project in an effort to exercise my design skills and apply them to package design. Having noticed the recent boom in craft brewing over the past few years, I decided to take interest and learn more about what it takes to create a brew from scratch. After some heavy research and ideas for the background of the brand, I began my design.


This project was a fun way for me to explore certain aspects of design that I may not be presented with on a normal basis. Furthermore, it was a project that yielded a physical product with a personal touch so I could then share with family and friends. 

Brew Type



Limited Edition Illustration

Core Line

Color Identifier

Emperor Brewing Co. offers a variety of different brewed beers, each with its own palette of distinctive flavors. The core line of brews offers a refreshingly light citrusy wheat ale, a pale lager, a brown ale, and a black India pale ale. Limited run seasonal brews are also available through out the year, such as this wheat ale specially  named "Polar Tropic" due to its refreshingly cool and fruity notes. These seasonal brews feature a unique label created in partnership with local designers.

Polar Tropic is meant to be a refreshing wheat ale packed with fruity flavors and a cool minty-ester character. For this reason, the concept behind the design for this label is inspired by the freezing cool atmosphere of the Antarctic and the desire for a tropical fruit flavored brew. The type for the name Polar Tropic quickly took on an 80s' vibe and went on to inspire the rest of the theme and color palette choice.


The design of the label for the core line of brews makes it easy for customers to identify each type by incorporating a color coding system. A single color is assigned to a type of brew which is then used on the cap, neck, and full label on the bottle so it can be easily identified no matter what angle you look at it. Each one offers a short description of the type of brew and its taste so customers can choose the best one according to preference or occasion. 

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