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Playing Card Design Package Design Illustration

In designing a set of playing cards the challenge is in being able to create a system of 54 cards that share a unique illustration style, but is able to adapt to each different face card, number and suit in a playing card deck. The theme and content was to the designers discretion, but the cards had to follow the standards for a normal deck of cards.

In my solution I chose to design a deck of cards that is influenced by the era of the Roaring Twenties (1920’s) and the Art Deco movement. In my approach I designed something that had more of a minimalist feel, but still captured the essence of these movements within the color palette, type design and illustration. Each face card is based off of a different slang term used during this era such as Dapper for the king or Flapper for the queen.


A full deck of cards was produced in limited quantities for the project in order to be displayed and gifted out to family and friends. Scroll through the gallery below to view posters containing every card in each suit.

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