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This project was an exercise in rebranding an educational institution. The goal was to reinvent Sacramento State for its reopening after being closed for ten years due to a financial crisis that had hit the CSU system. As part of the premise, the university required a new mission, goal, and a refreshed look that would entice new applicants and promote the institution's renewed service to the community. After some initial research of the university's past, its intended audience, and other institutions that could be considered its competition, the solution became clear.

The new brand and identity establishes Sacramento State University as an exciting diverse member and contributor to the community of Sacramento; a part of the city where one can go to grow their knowledge, then thrive as they discover and explore great subjects. The new colors reflect the university's mascot, a hornet, and its location in Sacramento, nicknamed the City of Trees.

Being one of the main points of access for information, the university's website had to feel and look inviting to visitors without  being overwhelming. The use of content rich photographs, video, the university's vibrant colors, and visual elements all help to engage visitors as they navigate through the website. The home page is designed with applicants and current students in mind making essential links and information readily available.

SacState Business Card
SacState Business Card
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Sacramento State University's brand guide (shown below) offers faculty, staff, and prospective students all the information they may want to know about the institutions mission, philosophy, and its brand. It is a tool meant to guide all content creators for the university on the proper use of its identity and brand assets in order to produce materials that remain consistent with the university's brand image. 

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