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Sacramento zoo

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Dynamic mark concept by team member, Dawn Palmer.

The Sacramento Zoo is a nonprofit organization which seeks to inspire appreciation, respect, and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, recreation and conservation. As part of team project for a course at Sacramento State, the Sacramento Zoo served as a case study in a rebranding concept. The goal was to change the conversation about the organization by focusing on its core values, its connection to the community, and its efforts in animal conservancy.

The team members whom worked on this project include Celeste Espinoza, Dawn Palmer, and myself. This project was completed during the Spring 2017 semester of the Sacramento State Graphic Design Program.

As the main storefront of the organization, had to feel more like an extension of the Sacramento Zoo where visitors and supporting members could connect and stay connected in a variety of ways. The website is focused around interactivity and engagement in order to connect more with the community and educate about conservation.


Most importantly it features quick and easy ways for visitors and supporters to give, learn, and be a part of a Sacramento Zoo community. An exciting feature to the homepage is a live information panel that is unobtrusive and offers up to date information about current conditions at the park, park hours, and quick links to tickets and the park map. 




Turtles are able to breathe through their butts.

Unfortunately, that's a skill Turby the turtle hasn't mastered yet.

Post Caption:

Shell-shocked? More animal fun facts at #sacramentozoo. #Sacramento #turby



Flamingos are well known to be monogamous.

Except for Floyd...

Floyd loves the ladies.

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Fla-mingle with Floyd and learn more at #sacramentozoo. #Sacramento #flamingle



Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart. 

It's love on a whole otter level.

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Bring YOUR #SignificantOtter and learn more 

at #sacramentozoo. #Sacramento

SacZoo Business Card
SacZoo Letterhead
Artboard 9 copy 17.jpg

Grub Lub is the Sacramento Zoo's fun, go-to concession stand for a variety of delicious foods and refreshments that our community members can enjoy while at the park. The perfect destination for those looking to quickly quench their thirst or have a quick bite that is convenient and located on the side of paths all around the park. It's grub on the go!

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